Within Reality Without Existance

This competition aims to reactivate a  historical castle in France into a tourism spot. The idea behind ‘Within reality, Without existence’ is experimenting with two essentials in creating experience; the reality and the existence.

Reality is about what goes on in a certain period of time.

Mothe Chandeniers is a relic remaining from the early 20th century, leaving behind a physical existence of a reality long gone.


Through our design, we wish to retell the castle’s story of romanticism through a contemporary experience while also allowing visitors to experience the ruins itself in a contemporary reality.


We extracted and reinterpreted the spaces inside the historical castle to our own version, referring to the historical spatial program of the castle.  These structures are then placed around the garden.


These structures consist of a building and a skin. The building is in the shape of the castle made out of concrete with remade openings, while the skin is made out of wood lattice and mimics the pattern of the castle’s brick wall.

status : competition entry

location : France

year : 2018